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Digital and technology

A new technology revolution is in full swing. Rapid advances in technology, connectivity and computer processing power are combining to create an exciting array of new opportunities. While a more interconnected, digital world may bring challenges, we are firmly focused on helping our clients realise the opportunities. We embrace this revolution both as a business and as advisers.

Integrated approach with a global perspective

Our Digital & Technology (D&T) legal professionals frequently work with specialists in PwC Consulting, Strategy, Deals, Tax and Risk Assurance to provide best practice, solution-focused advice. The lawyers bring a wealth of experience gained on D&T mandates in Hong Kong/China, across Asia Pacific and beyond, leveraging their sector-relevant legal skills and understanding of technology as part of an integrated and holistic team supporting you at any, or all, stages of your project.

Increasingly, digital transactions are occurring in a 'territory agnostic' fashion and often require careful consideration of the regulatory environment across multiple jurisdictions. Accordingly, we draw upon the expertise of the world’s most extensive legal network, with 3,600 lawyers in nearly 100 territories, including coverage in 15 countries across Asia Pacific. We work extensively with other members of the PwC global network of firms to provide our clients with end-to-end legal services.

Our team

Our D&T legal team consists of highly experienced and tech-savvy lawyers, delivering the expertise demanded by our clients and willing to challenge the status quo.

Emerging technology

Staying at the forefront of technology changes is critical. We are often called upon to advise on some of the most exciting (and challenging) technology developments, including distributed ledger technology (i.e. blockchain), digital coin and asset offerings, data monetisation, artificial intelligence applications and suchlike.

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Strategic sourcing

We specialise in advising our clients on sourcing core technology solutions, ‘as-a-service’ sourcing models, business process outsourcing, transformation/ modernising legacy platforms and largescale strategic procurement.

We believe that both the front-end and back-end of a transaction require equal attention. Our team of D&T specialists is well versed in preparing technical requirements, pricing and other commercial related artefacts.

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Regulatory and digital trust

We have a sector dedicated advisory team, highly experienced in telecommunications, cloud contracting, privacy (both local and extra-territorial legislation, e.g. GDPR), payments, licensing and competition regulatory matters. We often facilitate effective engagement with regulators and are called upon to implement proactive internal compliance policies.

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Illustrative experience

  • Advising on numerous token sale/ICO mandates relating to the issue of digital tokens to institutional and public investors.
  • Advising on a variety of crypto-currency related mandates involving exchanges and financial institutions.
  • Advising an Asia Pacific financial services institution on the implementation of an innovation lab to support its core banking platform.
  • Advising a Hong Kong institutional client on its enterprise procurement strategy, including contract automation and the digitisation of procurement templates.
  • Advising a large energy and resource company on the outsourcing of its entire 'IT stack', including application development and maintenance, end user computing, project services and infrastructure-as-a-service.
  • Advising a global logistics company on the licensing of its intellectual property assets to its subsidiaries in China and South Africa.

Awards and recognitions

Tiang & Partners is a recognised legal authority to the international crypto community and has supported countless clients through their token sales and ICOs. Tiang & Partners has also advised on financial regulation, KYC, cybersecurity, corporate governance and tax matters for cryptoexchanges, blockchain projects and token mining enterprises, among others.

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