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Among high-net-worth family clients, the growing trend of their family members residing in different countries worldwide has brought along globalisation of their family wealth. As a result, the design and implementation of a holistic global estate plan for these private clients has become crucial.

A holistic global estate plan can ring-fence your family against all risks and concerns, taking into account the objectives of asset preservation, estate planning, and tax minimisation across your current assets and their structure.

Our team is committed to becoming the trusted advisor for high net worth individuals and their families. We aim to maintain long-term relationships with them in support of the sustainable development of their family businesses.

We leverage our global vision and collaborate with professionals in other disciplines to provide comprehensive private wealth management services. Through the use of various legal instruments, such as family governance advisory, trust, will, gifts, marriage agreements, guardianship arrangement, philanthropy and life insurance planning, we help our wealthy family clients achieve their goals on estate management and succession planning.

We also advise our clients on how to maintain a good balance between the family and the business operations so as to minimise legal and compliance-related risks, that include compliance, corporate governance, advice on IPO structure, and support on their mergers and acquisitions.

Our focus

  • Protect the family wealth and the family through asset protection structures
  • Facilitate the inter-generational transfer of the family wealth using the stewardship principle
  • Preserve and develop the human capital and potential of the family through an appropriate family governance structure and the appropriate family policies
  • Meditate family members to avoid (to the extent possible) disputes among family members and recourse to courts

Our team members have extensive experience advising family offices of high-net-worth families on appropriate family structures, charter documents and constitutions, and on the appropriate interaction with the structures owning the family wealth.

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Otto-Hans Nowak