Post COVID-19 - Turning crisis into opportunities: Legal function transformation by ‘NewLaw’

July 2020

The Chinese word for “crisis” is“危机”(wei ji) which can be translated into “within crisis hide opportunities”. It is evidenced from the COVID-19 crisis that organisations, after focusing on surviving the initial shock of the economic hit and working remotely, are now determining how they could operate their business in the ‘new normal’.

For Chief Legal Officers or General Counsels (GCs) who have yet to catch up with legal technology developments over the last decade, COVID-19 should be a wake-up call for many to make significant changes to how they manage and run their legal functions.

One would expect the COVID-19 crisis to change our businesses or business operations in many important ways and this would challenge GCs to think about how this crisis has changed their modus operandi, and what they have learned in the process, so that they can now start preparing for the future.

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